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Business Tax Preparation

Agranda CPA provides tax preparation services for small businesses, and real estate investors.



Year End Taxes Made Easy

We’ll handle the bookkeeping, tax payments & tax planning, making the year end a breeze.

Tax Reduction Planning

We don’t simply file your taxes, we’ll analyze your business to provide insights on how to reduce taxes & achieve more.

Taxes for Any Size of Business

No matter what size of business you have, we can help your year end tax season go smooth.


Tax Preparation Services

We make year end tax preparation a breeze.

Not only will we prepare and file your business and personal tax returns, but our clients also receive pro-active tax reduction planning and help paying in throughout the year.

Avoid Tax Surprises

Our goal is for you to end the year without have a large tax surprise, or getting a large refund (overpaying).

We will help you pay in your taxes throughout the year so you avoid having large tax payments in quarter 4 or at tax time.

When you work with Agranda, we’ll provide bookkeeping & tax planning throughout the year, which leads to us being able to pay in your taxes according to that tax plan.

Our Services

Agranda Tax & Accounting Services


Outsourced Accounting

Not only will we file your taxes & perform bookkeeping, but we’ll aggressively work to reduce your taxes & serve as a member of your team to help you stay efficient.

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