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Agranda CPA

We help businesses by keeping their books up to date, and producing pristine financial statements.


Pristine Books

Rest easy knowing that your company has top caliber financial records.

Prompt Bookkeeping

We’ll ensure you’re bookkeeping is done promptly and accurately.

Save Time & Staff Costs

Our efficient bookkeeping & accounting means you’ll avoid wasting staff & time.


Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

We help business owners establish and maintain pristine financials.

When you choose to work with Agranda CPA, we can provide monthly bookkeeping services so that you know what’s happening in your business.

Why Choose Professional CPA Bookkeeping?

  • You won’t waste your own time
  • We are incredibly efficient
  • Avoid double paying to fix the mistakes you or your team made
  • Bookkeeping is the foundation of our CFO & Tax Planning services.

Quebec's #1 Quickbooks Pro Advisor

If you’re looking for a Quickbooks Pro Advisor for small business in Montreal or Quebec, then we’d be delighted to connect. Agranda CPA is a certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor that specializes in helping small businesses & self employed professionals.

Pristine Financials

We’ll establish a foundation of financial record keeping that’s flawless. Your lenders will be thrilled with your accounting, you’ll have the numbers you need right when you request them, and you can rest assured that your not missing anything because we integrate our bookkeeping services with our pro-active tax planning services.

Bookkeeping is the Foundation of Tax
Reduction Planning

When you choose Agranda CPA for your bookkeeping, your books will be done by the same CPA that performs your tax reduction planning.

Because we’re doing your bookkeeping, we can react to income fluctuations quickly, and update your tax plans.

It’s difficult to coordinate a bookkeeper with a CPA, and when we can perform both the books and taxes, you’ll get responsive feedback directly to your tax plan.

That means fewer surprises, less coordination, better results & easier vendor relationship.

Managing a single vendor for your taxes and books is much easier than having separate providers.

Our Services

Agranda Tax & Accounting Services


Outsourced Accounting

Not only will we file your taxes & perform bookkeeping, but we’ll aggressively work to reduce your taxes & serve as a member of your team to help you stay efficient.

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