Quebec, Canada

CPA Tax &
Accounting for
Small Business

We specialize in serving small businesses in Canada.

Agranda Accounting

Small Business

Lower Your Taxes

We’ll ensure you never overpay in taxes, and keep more of what you make.

Avoid Problems

We stay in front of the new tax, real estate & crypto rules, ensuring you don’t have problems.

Establish Proper Procedures

You won’t have to worry about your books & financial reporting, we’ll take care of everything.

Don't Overpay in Taxes


Average annual tax savings our customers experience

416 hrs/yr

On average, we save our clients staff 8 hours a week, that’s 416 hours saved a year.


Average reduction in effective tax rate our clients pay.

Avoid the Pitfalls & Headaches

Hire a Specialist &
Enjoy Tax Savings
& Clarity

& Small Business

Canadian Small Business Tax & Accounting Specialists

How to Get Started
with Agranda Accounting

We make changing accountants easy as 1,2,3.



We’ll analyze your taxes & books to identify opportunities to save taxes & create a scope of work.


Setup & Cleanup

Once you signup, we’ll get your accounting straightened out, your books caught up & establish a new tax reduction plan.


Everyday Service

Sit back and relax as we do all your accounting, books, taxes & provide CFO level guidance.

Our Services

Agranda Tax & Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting

Not only will we file your taxes & perform bookkeeping, but we’ll aggressively work to reduce your taxes & serve as a member of your team to help you stay efficient.

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CFO Services

We help small business owners get the perspective, reporting & guidance usually reserved for larger corporations.

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Crypto & Small Business

Avoid Regrets
& Pitfalls with
& Tax Planning

Small Business

We'll help you lower your taxes with year-round, tax planning.

Focus on what you do best as we handle all the accounting, bookkeeping, tax payments and year end tax work.

Stay compliant, enjoy peace of mind and avoid risks with CPA level guidance & CFO services.

Save Taxes,
Avoid Risk & Get
Peace of Mind

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Pristine Financials Done for You
Avoid pitfalls and regrets with a Crypto Specialist
Gain Time by Outsourcing Bookkeeping
Utilize Canadian Real Estate Tax Loopholes
Scale Faster with Pristine Financials
Avoid Unnecessary Staff with an Outsourced Team

Take Control of
Your Business

Get the tax planning & accounting usually reserved for mega corporations.

"Ibrahim has been wonderful to work with, and I'm thrilled at how he's helped our business grow!"

Chelsea French

Business Owner

Avoid Regrets & Pitfalls

Settling for a Generalist or Reactive Accountant will Cost You

Does your accountant come to you throughout the year with strategies to reduce your taxes?
Don't waste your staff time performing accounting tasks.
Don't miss out on loans & investors because your financials are amateurish.
Don't risk mismanaging your business because you don't really know your numbers.
Don't get stuck because you don't have a CFO level perspective to provide insight.

Montreal's #1 Crypto
Accountant & Small
Business CPA