Financial Advice to Scale

Outsourced CFO Services for Small Business

We help small business owners get the perspective, reporting & guidance usually reserved for larger corporations.

C-Level Perspective

You’ll get perspective, analysis & engagement usually reserved for larger corporations.

Stay on Track to Meet Your Goals

We’ll provide the financial acumen needed to help you scale & reach your business goals.

Get Well Rounded Guidance

We’ll analyze, coach and guide your team by providing reports, insight & financials to support your plans.

Outsourced CFO Services for Small Business

Growing businesses require financial analysis & forecasting if they want to reach their potential.

Agranda CPA provides outsourced CFO services, where we can assist owners & their teams with financial analysis, forecasting, consulting and perspective.

We’ll help you devise & implement the financial structures required to scale your business, achieve your goals or meet an objective.

Accelerate Your Growth

We’ll help you build the plan to improve cash flow, manage your balance sheet and improve margins.

Control & Reporting

We’ll help you develop a financial model that you can grow into, and improve your control & vision.

Protect from Pitfalls

We’ll come alongside your team and serve as a guide with incredible knowledge about your true financial position.  We’ll help you avoid problems and pitfalls.

Small Businesses Benefit the Most

Have you ever thought that running your business would be much easier if you had a business partner that provided financial and accounting leadership so you could focus elsewhere?

Agranda’s CFO services helps do just that, where we will serve as a partner in your business, without having to give up equity.

We’re passionate about serving business owners and helping them achieve more, and we love using our strengths in the financial arena to round out the high execution strengths of most entrepreneurs.

With Agranda in your corner, you’ll be able to scale, grow & improve profitability.

Our Services

Agranda Tax & Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting

Not only will we file your taxes & perform bookkeeping, but we’ll aggressively work to reduce your taxes & serve as a member of your team to help you stay efficient.

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CFO Services

We help small business owners get the perspective, reporting & guidance usually reserved for larger corporations.

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