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Whether you own a large portfolio of buildings, wholesale real estate or are a land developer, we’ll keep your financials pristine & work to maximize tax mitigation strategies

Be Prepared for New
Opportunities while
Reducing Taxes
& Mitigating Risk

We know how important pristine financials are to your business, you'll be thrilled at how we serve you and your investments


Financials & Balance Sheet Management

We’ll keep your books pristine, and help you manage your balance sheet to accomplish your goals.


Cash Flow Management

We’ll help you get un-stuck in the cash flow conundrum so many real estate investors find themselves in.


Short & Long Term Tax Planning

We’ll help you manage everything from depreciation, to multi-company tax carryovers so you can pay the absolute lowest amount of taxes possible.

Montreal Based Real Estate CPA

Real Estate

  • Tax Preparation & Year End Financials for Real Estate investments
  • Bookkeeping for Landlords
  • Tax Planning for Landlords and Real Estate Investment Portfolios
  • CPA for Real Estate Investors


You and your team won’t waste time doing bookkeeping or preparing for year-end taxes.


We’ll come to your throughout the year with ideas to reduce your taxes.


Your lenders will love your financials, and we’ll make sure you’re ready for the next investment.

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