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Crypto Tax & Accounting Montreal

Agranda CPA provides comprehensive tax and accounting services for crypto investors of all kinds.

We’re passionate and informed on the fast paced, ever-changing environment of crypto currency.

Montreal Crypto Accounting & Tax

Keep more of your profits & stay compliant

Tax & Accounting

Certified Public Accountant for Crypto Currency

Here at Agranda CPA, we’ve developed a convenient and accurate accounting system to make it easy to track your income and avoid mistakes.

Proper Taxation of Crypto in Montreal

Montreal Crypto Currency Accounting Topics

Accurately track your capital gains
Plan long term & short term gains
What happens if Crypto is traded for other goods & services?
Determine if Crypto is business income or not
Record and report income properly

Lower your risk & taxes

Lower Your Crypto Taxes

We’ll make sure you’re using the best strategy to avoid overpaying in taxes.

Avoid Problems & Complance

We’ll keep track of your trades, income & accounts so you stay compliant.

Establish Proper Procedures

We’ll help you build your business.

Don't Overpay in Taxes


Keeping track of income, transactions & your trades becomes difficult, we make life easy by setting up a simple system and then performing the bookkeeping for your crypto.


On average, we save our clients staff 8 hours a week, that’s 416 hours saved a year.

Avoid the Pitfalls & Headaches

Hire a Specialist &
Enjoy Tax Savings
& Clarity

Crypto Currency Accounting

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Our Services

Agranda Tax & Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting

Not only will we file your taxes & perform bookkeeping, but we’ll aggressively work to reduce your taxes & serve as a member of your team to help you stay efficient.

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CFO Services

We help small business owners get the perspective, reporting & guidance usually reserved for larger corporations.

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Crypto & Small Business

Avoid Regrets
& Pitfalls with
& Tax Planning

Crypto Investors

Learn how to time liquidations & capital gains or losses.

How do you report your income from trading crypto currency?

Keep up to date on the Canadian Crypto currency laws, tax policy and best practices.

Small Business

We'll help you lower your taxes with year-round, aggressive tax planning.

Focus on what you do best as we handle all the accounting, bookkeeping, tax payments and year end tax work.

Stay compliant, enjoy peace of mind and avoid risks with CPA level guidance & CFO services.

Save Taxes,
Avoid Risk & Get
Peace of Mind

We’d be honored to serve you and your team.

Pristine Financials Done for You
Avoid pitfalls and regrets with a Crypto Specialist
Gain Time by Outsourcing Bookkeeping
Utilize Canadian Real Estate Tax Loopholes
Scale Faster with Pristine Financials
Avoid Unnecessary Staff with an Outsourced Team

Take Control of
Your Business

Get the tax planning & accounting usually reserved for mega corporations.

"Ibrahim has been wonderful to work with, and I'm thrilled at how he's helped our business grow!"

Chelsea French

Business Owner

Montreal's #1 Crypto
Accountant & Small
Business CPA